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Salt Water Systems (aka Chlorine Generators) operate by keeping a residual of chlorine in the pool that prevents algae growth from occurring in the body of water. The secret is keeping the salt cell free of calcium and mineral deposits since the cell itself is made up of precious metals that must be maintained properly so it can continue to produce fresh, purified, chlorine.

Are they hard for homeowners to operate? The daily operation of a salt water system is not complicated and can be added to any new or existing pool by a professional. The salt cell is custom fitted into the plumbing of your pool between the filter and water outlet, and the control unit is mounted adjacent to the salt cell for easy monitoring/control of your pool’s salinity reading. Once installed, the system requires a certain amount of salt to be added to the pool initially to raise the parts per million (PPM) reading to the appropriate level. The amount of salt need is calculated based on the number of gallons in the swimming pool, which can be found by taking the Swimming Pools Length X Width X Average Depth X 7.48

How does it work? Through the process of electrolysis the water passes over the salt cell, which produces the chlorine that is instantaneously transformed into Hypochlorous acid. When any type of chlorine is added to water it all makes the same product, Hypochlorous acid. It does not matter if it is Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid chlorine), Tri-chlor and Di-chlor or Lithium based, Cal-hypo or even gas chlorine, it all makes Hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is the active sanitizer that kills algae and other harmful bacteria in the water. Its effectiveness is totally predicated on balanced water conditions and, more importantly, the proper pH level. So, with a salt water system, you still must maintain your water balance (pool chemistry) properly.



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