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Pool Opening and Pool Winterization

As the beginning or end of the pool season approaches Oasis Pool Service is ready to handle all your swimming pool needs. We understand each household’s desire to be scheduled in a timely manner to help start or close your season.

Pool Opening

  • Removal of cover (store in location as directed by homeowner)
  • Lower safety cover lugs (pools with safety covers)
  • Empty and store water bags (pools with solid covers)
  • Perform visual inspection of pool area and pool equipment
  • Remove winterization plugs
  • Start and test pool filtration system
  • Test the water chemistry
  • Add start up chemicals
  • Install pool accessories (ladder, handrail, cleaner, return fittings, etc.)
  • Test the pool heater (if applicable)

Pool Winterization

  • Winterize pool filtration system
  • Remove and store pool accessories (ladder, handrail, cleaner, return fittings, etc.)
  • Test the water chemistry
  • Add winterization chemicals (chlorine Boost, winterizing algaecide, pool antifreeze)
  • Install winterization plugs
  • Install winter cover



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