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Leak Detection

We specialize in swimming pool leak detection for all residential and commercial clients, saving you time, money and aggravation.

Signs of a Leaking Pool… 

  • Visible Cracking ~ Cracks in the pool walls, floor, plumbing and/or pool equipment can allow for water loss and further damages if left for extended periods of time.
  • Air Bubbles ~ If you notice air bubbles in your pump housing this is a sign that you have a leak in the suction side plumbing lines. We will pressure test each suction line to locate the exact location of your leak.
  • Excessive Water Loss ~ A swimming pool loses about 1/4″ of water each day due to natural weather conditions such as evaporation and humidity. If want to be sure the water loss you are seeing is natural water loss you can check by performing what is known as a ‘bucket test’. See below for the steps.
    • Fill your pool to the normal operating water level. Then fill a 5 gallon bucket with pool water to roughly 5-6in from the top.
    • Place the bucket on the second step of pool, ensuring the bucket is properly submerged in the body of water.
    • Mark the water level inside the bucket, shut down the filtration system  and then mark the water level on the outside of the bucket.
    • Resume normal pool operation and after 24 hours you will then compare the water loss inside the bucket to the water loss in the pool. If they decreased the same amount it is due to natural evaporation, if the water loss in the pool is greater then the loss is due to a leak. If the loss is due to a leak we recommend searching for any ‘Visible Cracking’ as mentioned above. If no visible cracks are found please call to have a full leak detection performed.



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